Thursday, November 4, 2010


No lie, I actually do have a pretty amazing life. I am thankful for each and every waking day God gives me and those that fufill my life. I had a darn good weekend and wanted to share...well actually brag!
Thursday night I hung out with 2 people I met from Landmark, Sarah and Waymann. We met and at Waymann's and walked downtown where we enjoyed each others company as well as those of others! I introduced them to skinny ritas!
Friday night I saw my favorite TEXAS country singers, Randy Rogers concert at one of my favorite venues, Nutty Brown Cafe with one of my best friends Mick Terry, his sister Laura Terry and our friend Tara. Here, I also ran into some old friends and caught up. The band was dressed in halloween attire, which just added to the holiday weekend! Even in costume they still put on an AMAZING show!
Not to mention I did catch 2 picks Randy threw...oh and yes I did wear my red boots :)
Following the concert we headed downtown to Rebel's Honkey Tonk to dance our tails off. Here other friends joined us! I have been learning 1 step so I got lots of practice in!

Even though I got home pretty late, it was rise and shine Saturday morning for Crossfit Central's Butcher Challenge!!! My team was put together at the last min, so we met each other that morning which was awesome!! Well I knew Nick, from my 5:30am class at Runtex! Anywhoo, it was really cool coming together, completing a challenge after only having met each other that morning! It was a huge success and I had a BLASAT and made new friends!!!

Even Ashley from my T/Th 6:30am Rentless Bootcamp at Jack and Adams came out with her hubby, Jeff and their dog Charlie! Did I mention I PRed on snatch at 105lb???? BAM!!!!

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Saturday night, post butcher, I drove to Houston with Duke to my Aunt and Uncle's so on Sunday, Halloween, Jen Cardella and I could attened Robb Wolf's (author of The Paleo Solution) seminar at Crossfit West Houston. This was awesome! We learned so much! I could go on and on about how much, but I would just suggest you get the book, take on the 30 day challenge and see the results for yourself. Its real and it works!
Yes I'm a nerd got him to sign my book!
And No his handwritting didn't get any better during the seminar!

I'm not one to brag BUT I really did have an AMAZING could of days dontcha think? :)

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