Sunday, June 27, 2010

T/Th 5:30pm Brentwood

What are you doing on T/Th at 5:30pm? Well these ladies are improving their way of life by attending 5:30pm Brentwood Rentless Bootcamp with me! Even though we have only been together a few weeks, I have seen major improvements in their movements and coordination. They all walk to the bootcamp (carrying their mats and water), give me 100%, and walk home. All with a positive attitude. What coach could ask for more?

I'm enjoying coaching this group and cannot wait to see them progress as we move forward! If you are intersted in joining contact me so you can come try it out!

1st Pic is Nancy working on Thrusters...

Pics 2 and 3 are of Dorothy working on Shoulder Press

Okay so he isn't a bootcamper but he is really cute!

Thank you Melisa for joining and taking pictures this day!!!! Melisa teaches a FREE Crossfit Endurance class at night at O'Henry Track! Go Join her...its for all levels...and with Melisa you are guranteed a good workout!

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