Sunday, June 27, 2010

Trojan Challenge 2010

This weekend was the final workout of the Trojan Challenge 2010. It was held on the Westlake High School Practice Field. The workout included:
3 Rounds:
20 American Swings
20 Snatches (10R/10L)
20 lunge pass throughs
20 Burpee
You had 6mins to complete each round and there was a 2 min recovery between rounds. Meaning this was 24 mins long. The quicker you finished, the more rest you got. While this might sound easy, trust me it isn't. You get winded FAST!
During this challenge I got to coach 3 wonderful people; Stephen, Ashley and Emily! Even though Ashley was injured part way through, she still offered GREAT support and did what she could to participate! Stephen and Ashely and I not only developed a coach/athlete relationship but we are all friends now! They even come to Karen Lane to workout. Below is Stephen's Success Story:
When I started crossfit back in April I weighed 270lbs, wore size 42 pants and had a bf% of 30. Seven weeks ago I started the Trojan challenge weighing 244,21%bf, and wearing size 38w pants. I am now a size 34,my bf% is 15 and I weigh roughly 230lbs. I attribute a lot of this success over the last several weeks to my new diet. Paleo/zone was differet and difficult at first but well worth it. Not only did i see a difference in my size but also in me general health. I felt much healthier and energetic throughout the day. I also have been doing indoor classes the last few weeks 4 days a wk and complimenting them with kettlebell classes and Trojan workouts. Of course my true inspiration/motivation has been the new friends and coaches I have earned through crossfit. The two main people who push me to strive for excellence are my best friend Ashley and my coach Karen. As if all the other exercise wasnt enough we had a few extra workouts in KPs garage. Then there were the food logs. Ashley kept be accountable before I ate and Karen afterward. I feel great and can't wait to push myself to even further success and greater fitness.

Let me know if you are intersted in having this kind of sucess with your workouts!! In the words of my brother, "This could be you".

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