Monday, June 14, 2010

Keeping Relationships

This blog post has NOTHING to do with fitness (well other than the pic of Clay and myself doing handstands). I just wanted to stress the importance of "Keeping Relationships". Now I'm not talking about boyfriend or girlfriend relationships. I'm talking about friendships. No I don't talk to these people every day or even once a week, but we are always happy to see each other when we do get to see each other. They all know they can come stay with me whenever they are in ATX (or wherever I am living). This my friends is what I call keeping relationships. Being able to pick up right where you left off and always greeting each other with a smile.

This weekend I was blessed to have been able to see and spend time with my old friends and when doing the math (and looking at these pictures) I have been friends with these people for some time now. I had my wonderful mother send me some pictures that she had saved on her computer from as far back as she can remember of me with these friends. However, since digital pics came around during my senior year, I don't have pics on the comptuer from the many years before the pictures shown. All of these boys have been a part of my life since 9th grade, when I moved to Beaumont.

In addition to these friends my best friend from high school, Brittany Bryant, informed me Sunday she got accepted into Physical Therapy School at Sam Houston. Congrats Brittany you will do fantastic!!!

Below is Nathanael Deem, his lady friend Tara (whom I think is wonderful, along with her son) and his daughter Zoe. Deem has served in the Army for many years. He did a tour or 2 and kept in touch with me (and my sorority sisters ;) via letters, phone calls and emails. He has a beautiful daugher, Zoe, who is growing way to fast. She is now 7 y/o. Deem contacts me every time he comes to Austin. I even was blessed to have them stay with me Thursday and Friday night...Thanks Z for the cupcakes!!!

Below is a pic of Clayton Manzer. Clayton is AMAZING, not only because he is a recent crossfitter and has had great success with it, BUT because he is a true friend (not that these others are not). Clay is a Beaumont Fire Fighter and yes ladies, he is single :). Clay and I have kept a strong friendship for many years. He even came up and was my formal date for when I was in college doing the sorority thing (great date I might add). I could go on and on about how wonderful Clay is, but you get the point. The first picture is of me on Kyle's shoulders (see below) and Clayton is the blonde on the far left. This is us in Arkansas visiting Kim, the girl on the far right...whom is still my sister to this day! My next reunion with Clay and Kim is already planned for this August!!! He has a precious baby girl, but I don't have a pic of her to post :( The pic of us doing the handstands was taking this past Friday night when we pumped iron together at CrossFit Beaumont!!! Love you Clay, thank you for being are amazing!

Meet Kyle Morgan (above). After Kyle graduated in 2001 he went into the Marines. Not only did he serve numerous of years for our country, he did 2 tours before he turned 21 y/o. Kyle always has my back and will look out for me. He might be redneck, but he is a good one to have on your side. The first picture you see above is of Kyle (left), me and Deem the man I spoke about before this. The middle pic is of Kaizer (spell?), Kyle's son. How cute is he all dressed up!! I have seen many of pics of him but this weekend was my first time to meet him in person...precious! The last pic is of Kyle and me Saturday night during a wedding I attended and he happened to be in it (not the groom).

A little out of order, the man in the pics above is Trey. When eating at Jason's Deli in Beaumont (where Jason's first started I might add) I ran into him and his girlfriend Amy! Trey is one of the goofyest people I know (well maybe him and McDermand are tied...old friend). Trust me, it is always good times when Trey is around...99% of the time you are laughing so hard you almost pee yourself. The first picture of us in red is our senior twirp where I took Trey as my date. Still friends!

Mr. Matthew Withers....I saved this one for last, all I got to say is how many of you still speak/get along with/happy to see your high school sweetheart? 2

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  1. Very nice tribute to your guys. You failed to mention, however, that Kyle also was your sorority formal date one time!