Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Fittest Game Recap

Once again I'm BLOWN away at the events Crossfit Central can put on. They NEVER cease to amaze me!  I'm VERY blessed to be a part of such a talented group of people! I have delayed my "recap" of the event due to the kick ass media that keeps coming out! Just when I think I'm ready to write my recap, they put out a video like this:

Or this:

Or this:

I mean really? I wait and they put more and more content out! Any who...The Fittest Games 2013 has come and gone (which means The Open, will be here before you know it). The Fittest Games was the final event in the Triple Crown Series. This event was held at home, Crossfit Central (home doesn't mean home field advantage). This year, The Fittest Games was a 2 day event, normally it is a 1 day event. It start on Friday and continued through Saturday. I like having events at my box because my athletes can watch...if they are not competing. Also, alot of coaches compete so it is fun to have your co-coaches on the playing field with you.

WOD 1 wasn't announced till the day before (Thursday). It was:
25 Snatches (55#) 
25 single jumps with hvy rope

After watching the first heat, I quickly learned you were not going to make up time in the rope. You could save time by pacing but if you went fast you were more likely to fall on your face. I did all 25 snatches unbroken each round as well as all but 1 set of the jumps (messed up on the 2nd round). I finished that WOD in 4:37. 

WOD 2 was a little I thought anyways: 
Dual KB Shoulder to Overhead (20kg/bell)
Farmers Carry (3 different distances, I forgot) (115#)

I was excited about this one because I wanted to do the farmers carry! The bells were heavy no doubt which was more of the incentive NOT to put them down. Jess was in heat 1 and she told me (I was in heat 2) to go unbroken (after doing the WOD). So I did just that. I went unbroken, she believed I could so I did! I also never put my farmers carry bars down except for when I had to turn around. I finished this WOD in 2:59...sub 3! 

WOD 3 (Last WOD for Day 1) was a snatch ladder. Not just any snatch ladder but you had to snatch the weight THEN hang snatch the weight without putting the weight down. Ouch. 

This was NOT my favorite event...and it was the worst event for me...funny how that is. My stupid shoulder had been given me a few issues then on my final 120 snatch it didn't play nice, however Sam from next level fixed me so I could finish the competition. I'm still nursing it back to health so it can be ready to ROCK to open! 

The next day, Saturday, was more packed with athletes/fans and the energy was on overdrive! LOVE IT! We started the day with WOD4 which was prob my favorite WOD...because I LOVE back squats! 
It was 1 back squat (200#) every 9 seconds for 20 reps. Once you were done with that, you did 50 plate jump burpees advancing the plate every 10 reps.  

Back problem. I could have done 20 more...heck I would have rather squatted than did the 50 burpees. The burpees were well, burpees and thats that LOL!

WOD 5 This WOD had my least favorite move in it (but I'm getting better). It was a 3 HSPU buy in then it was 1 MU/2 MU/3MU...however the MUs had to be unbroken...yeah, about that. OH AND they put us on 24" boxes to do our HSPU! WHAT????
The HSPUs were bad at all. I did the awkward way of getting into position, versus kicking straight up into a handstand...that wasn't happening. I got through 2 of my set of 3 MUs. Once again, looks like I NOW need to practice linking them! If it isn't one thing its another. 

You had to qualify for the final WOD...WOD 6. Top 10 made it and then the scores were wiped and it was Winner Take All. I have never played that way and was kinda nervous. I made it into the Top 10. Winnchester did a FANTASTIC job at announcing the last WOD, Musical Chairs. This was the BEST concept in programing I have seen in awhile. It went like this...all 10 of us that qualified for the last WOD, lined up in the order that we had placed (even though scores were wiped clean...I was seated 4th). At 3-2-1 GO, we ran about 20 yds (or so, i'm horrible with distance) to mats and performed 100 DUs. Once you were done with that you, raced back and completed 20 Wall Ball....HOWEVER, there was only 9 balls left, therefore the 10th person was out. 20 Wall Ball, run touch mat, back for 20 KB Swings there was only 8 KBs, run touch mat, return for 20 pistols at bell...there was only 7 spots for this, run touch mat the final 6 did deadlift and the first 5 on the podium qualified for the FINAL FINAL round. THANKS to my teammate and best friend Jess I finished 1st in the first round of the final.

THEN the top 5 finalist's scores were wiped clean and we entered into the FINAL FINAL. Which was: 
Chest To Bar
Thrusters (65/95/135)

I cannot believe it. 2 years ago at Regionals, I was VERY proud of my 140# Thrusters that I did on the thruster ladder during day 2. NOW I was asked to perform 6 Thrusters at have times changed! For once I wasn't even worried about C2B Pull ups! LOL! I was against some TOP women for this. Any who I made it to and through the 135# Thrusters (I hated Travis Holly there for a min) placing 2nd overall! 

Then since I had the highest points/best score of all the 3 events I'm the Triple Crown winner...which means I got my first cardboard check! LOL! That was VERY exciting! I plan to use my winnings from this event to build a deck on the back of my house! so THANK YOU Triple Crown!

One of my favorite things that I have take from these events is the relationships I have developed with my fellow competitors. I have so much respect for them as a person and LOVE cheering them on and supporting them. It is an honor to be able to compete next to them. Everyone brings something different and it makes it that much more fun. If you are going to see the same faces at events you mine as well be friends and I cannot think of a better group of ladies for this to develop with.

Again, HUGE applause to The Fittest Games crew that made this possible, I'm BLESSED to call y'all family!

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