Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bell Share

Part A:
2x: (Partner A and Partner B each go 2xs)
Partner A: 10 dual KB Front Squats
Partner B: Plank


Part B:
2x: (Partner A and Partner B each goes 2xs)
Partner A: KB#1 Rack Position and KB#2 Single Arm Push Press (5/5)
Partner B: Sit Ups

Folks this is about strength and NOT speed so slow down and perform this correctly. Part A: Clean KBs into front rack position and hold them there! With ELBOWS and CHEST UP front squat your 2 KBs. While Partner A is front squatting, Partner B is holding a plank. Perform this 2x.

Part B:
Both KBs are cleaned into rack position. KB#1 remains in Rack position, while KB#2 is used for Push Press. If the weights are different sizes, switch sides and perform 5 Push Presses on the other side. While Partner A is working, Partner B is doing sit ups. Perform this 2x.

AGAIN...NOT FOR TIME!! Have fun and enjoy this one!

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