Saturday, October 29, 2011

Strictly Strength

Coach Travis Holley, founder of Strictly Strength is bringing the world 365 Days of Strength. Travis began CrossFitting to gain strength and is now returning to those roots to discover and implement unconventional training methods. Travis began his blog project hoping to reach athletes interested in true strength training and to show the lifestyle that accompanies it. As a coach, Travis understands that he must uphold the same standards which he expects of his athletes. He never designs a workout or asks his students to do anything he is unwilling to do himself. He takes this serisouly and has been known to ask new athletes to sign a contract to be sure they recieve the most from each training session. Day 26 of his project is dedicated to the team with which he trains at CrossFit Central. Travis led the 1pm Coaches WOD and put them through a gruelling test of strength. See if you can find your favorite coach suffering in his video! There are 338 Days of Strength still to come, guranteed to change or inspire your training each day.

This workout was so much fun! I don't know if it because it involved strength "stuff" or it wasn't about time just completion. Or I got to use the Yoke for the first time, either way it as AWESOME and alot of fun! If you are looking for a GREAT strength program, this is a FANTASTIC one and Travis is a WONDERFUL coach!

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