Monday, October 31, 2011

Oktober Obliteration

On October 21st I headed down to Tomball Texas to compete in Oktober Obliteration on Oct. 22nd which was hosted by Crossfit Champions. This is a neat box. It is on land, kinda like a "mini ranch". This place has so much potential and a powerful community to provide FANTASTIC competitions in. This competition was 300+ athletes. 4 different "levels" all of which were sold out except the "Sr. Masters". They had team and individual sign ups. It was SOLD OUT. I'm the only one that got in from Crossfit Central. Thank goodness I had my good friend Tony there to support me.

The WODs were nothing that I expected. The first one went as follow:

25 Jumps on Right Leg/25 Jumps on Left Leg/50 Run in place
5 Bear complex (105#)
3 Bean Bags in a hole...Corn Hole (no I'm not kidding, and I STINK at it)
My Time: 8: 36 placing me 4th after the 1st WOD
WOD #2: Chipper
50ft Prowler Push (85#)
25 Burpee Hand Release Lateral Box Jump (20") (say that 3x fast)
300m Run
25 Burpee Hand Release Lateral Box Jump
50 ft Prowler Push (85#)

This was a leg BURNER! OUCH!
I finished in 7mins and some seconds placing me 5th in my division

The last workout was a sandbag workout...
150ft Sandbag Carry (70# the whole time)
(seemed like forever)ft sand bag toss
10 get ups with Sand Bag
150ft Sandbag Carry

This workout was my best one! I thought it was going to be horrible and I was going to drop more in my division. Guess again! I rocked it finishing 2nd in my division! As you can tell from the picture below I didn't!

1st – Janet Black
2nd – Chely Galvan
3rd – Karen Pierce

I look forward to this event nextyear!

For more photos go HERE.

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