Sunday, October 30, 2011

Run For The Water 2011

On Sunday October 30th, 2011 1500 runners, including myself took on the Run For the Water race. My training went like this. On a few (more more than 5) pretty days in the past few weeks Duker and I ran 3ish miles around the neighborhood to take advantage of the day. However I continued to do my normal .com crosfit workouts withe the 1pm crew. According to Jen (in pic above) we finished in 1:23 with negative splits! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! Notice there was no 8-9mi run during the week. I will have more pain after I eat my treat (Amy's icecream) they I did post race. I owe it all to the crossfit style training. It is without a doubt the best way to train for anything that life dishes to you; "train for the unknown".

Huge thanks to fellow corssfit coach Jen Cardella who met up with me and ran this race. She did a great job at pacing me as well as keeping me mentally in the game. Every mile she would look at her watch and check to see how we were doing. My request was not to tell me numbers, I wanted to listen to my body. Therefore she would say "we are doing perfect", and that is all I needed to hear to keep going. She too has a past love with the endurance and running. It was nice to prove that we can crossfit and still get our endurance high!

Are you training for a race and need a new style of training? I suggest you check out Crossfit Endurance. It is without a doubt the BEST way to train for running!

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