Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Team Pursuit....

Unstoppable &

You Better Believe It! Crossfit Central is taking Leadership to a whole new level! With the help of Aly of Rx Star and Strength Finder 2.0 (My strengths are: Futuristic, Discipline, Positivity, Includer, Activator) we, Crossfit Central and Relentless Bootcamp Coaches WILL Change the world. We have split up into different teams. I'm VERY lucky to be a part of "Team Pursuit" along with Meg Parsons, Heather Reed, Jessie Clark, Chelsea Ross, Kat Grosshaupt, Lindsey Spurck.

Follow them on Twitter:

Heather- @hreed07

Jess- @jessclarkie

Chels- @Chels_Ross

Lindsay- @lindsEblue

Kat- @KGrosshaupt

Meg - @ShowoutMeg

We have already set goals and started making steps towards them. Team building is non stop. This is a VERY exciting time for each of us coaches. We are working in ways we have never worked before as well as taking steps towards goals that will blow you out of this world. I'm very excited to be a part of this community and what is to come!

Words to live by---

I will Trust. I will then become Trustworthy. Credible over Smart. Love based Intentions not Fear. Relationships first, opportunities second. Become Significant in Your Impact- Develop your presence. Give yourself away- Serve others.

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