Friday, January 28, 2011

Clayton Manzer

Meet one of my best friends, Clayton Manzer (@claytonmanzer). This is us in 2010, just before the Houston Marathon, at the expo. I think this picture is VERY funny because it shows how far both of us have come. See, this picture was taken just after Clay had made fun of me for eating a 1 block zoned paleo snack (1/2 cup of blueberries, 1 boiled egg and 3 almonds) that I pulled out of my purse. I was doing Crossfit Central's IAM Challenge.This is the morning of the race. Clay is running the half marathon...weighing in at 315lbs. He also did Austin half in Feb. 2010.
Clayton started Crossfit Beaumont in February 2010 and shortly after he went paleo. His results have been LIFECHANGING! He is currently down to 265lbs, and is leaner and at his strongest EVER. Below is him performing the push jerk during the Crossfit Katy Comp this summer...his first comp which he placed in the top 10. Way to Go Clay! While these pictures only show the physical change Clay has experienced it doesn't compare to his energy level, his way of eating, his strength, his speed. I am VERY proud of Clay and everything he has become. Love You Clay!
Repping the Double Cs!
Did I mention he is a HOTT firefighter?

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