Saturday, October 23, 2010

"The Carrie Story"

On Thursday October 21st, the 6:30am Rentless Bootcamp at Jack and Adams took on "The Carrie Story". Carrie McDonald (pic below) has been with Crossfit Central for a year, so here is her well as a fun workout to go with it including her favorite moves (minus the burpees).
On 5/28/80 (5 situps, 28 russian twist, 80 sec plank hold) Carrie McDonald was born; this makes her 30 years old (30 lunges with med ball overhead). In 2009 (11 burpees) Carrie joined Crossfit Central, which was founded in 2005 (7 burpees). On 2/7/08 (2 sit ups, 7 russian twist, 8 sec plank hold) she ran her first Marathon (26 shoulder presses). On 12/5/10 (12 sit ups, 5 russian twist, 10 sec plank hold) she will run in the Dallas White Rock Marathon (26 shoulder presses). Her goal is 3:40 (3x40sec runs) which will quailfy her for the Boston Marathon (26 shlder presses) on 4/18/11 (4 situps, 18 russian twist, 11 sec plank hold) or the 2012 (5 burpees) Boston Marathon (26 shlder presses). Carrie has worked really hard for this, running 40-50mi/wk (4 runs), we wish this 30 y/o (30 ball taps) the very best!!!
(Pic Above: Neil and Carrie take a short run after most classes)

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