Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Meet My Mom...

Meet my mother Sheree Pierce...also known as my hero and idol. She is one AMAZING woman! she is able to balance every thing life has had thrown at her. She helps out in the church as much as possible (pic below)... She takes care of people, such as my great aunt who is 12 hours away in FL....and so much more.
To make sure she can swing her leg over this saddle (my daddy and her on their harley)...

She is doing this (below)...also known as Crossfit. My mom started On Ramp at Crossfit Beaumont 2 weeks ago and took her first REAL class this morning. Not only has she started working out crossfit style but she is now 90% paleo and on Advocare! I'm such a proud daughter!! My mom has taken control of her life and living it to its fullest!

Whats your mom doing? #NextLevel


  1. Ohmygoodness! I am honored! And when did someone take that picture????

  2. When Sheree is on paleo that means that I am on Paleo.