Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Crossfit Katy Bring On The Heat #2

Well here is a recap of WOD #2 of the Crossfit Katy Bring On The Heat Competition on Aug. 14th. This one was interesting. It was in a parking lot, in Katy, in the middle of the afternoon. It was HOTT!! I'm not kidding! However this box did all that it could to keep everything cool. The workout was: 15 - 12- 9 clean n jerk at 85lbs followed by a 230m 50lb sandbag carry. Meaning you did 15 c&j, ran, 12 c&j, ran, 9 c&j ran. My goal was unbroken c&j and honestly I was successful! The judges were SUPER nice and helpful! They all kept me motivated and pushed me to do my best! This is why I was able to call time at 7min flat...the fastest time of that workout that day! I impressed myself on that one. I think clean and jerks are my new favorite lift!!!

Of course there was celebration post workout. However, we sweated so much we had to go to Academy and purchase new clothes to change into so we could attened the post party. The post party was so much fun. We got to visit with other crossfitters from other boxes as well as get to know some of the Katy people better. Needless to say we slept good that night! Over all this competition was ran flawless and the judges/support/people/venue were amazing. I would for sure without a doubt return to their box for an event! Well done Crossfit Katy!!

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