Sunday, July 25, 2010

Vis-a-Vis Knock-Off

If you are reading this then you have recieved one of these, correct?
Okay well maybe its a knock-off brand...but you did recieve one of these types of markers. You might be asking yourself, "what on earth does she want me to do with this?". Well goal setting is VERY important in life. Now you can spend all day and night writing goals, but what good is it going to do if you don't look at your goals...daily? What is something that you look at daily...your mirror. Therefore I want you to take this vis-a-vis pen and write 3-5 goals (at least 3) that you have on your mirror so you see them every day (don't worry this marker wipes right off) I want at least one to be fitness related. Make sure these goals are measurable. Don't write, "Go to the gym more"...unmeasureable. Say, "Go to the gym 4x/wk". That is measurable. "I want to improve my push ups" = unmeasurable. "I want my chest to touch the ground every time I do a push-up within the next 2 weeks" = measurable. Does this make sense? Please let me know of any questions you might have...but always let me know your progress! Pictures are welcome, even if they are taken with your phone!

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  1. KP, you are a great coach/trainer! I am so proud of you! LoveUMoM