Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Here you go 12:15pm-ers and client...

My Tuesday 12:15ers swear I always talk about food. Well heck, when you teach a class at 12:15pm what else do you think is on my mind...FOOD! Therefore today I tried to hold back and not talk so much about food. Then when we were stretching, one of my victims said, "hey, you didn't talk about food today". So then I had to share! Above is Carrot Banana Muffins. Let me tell you folks...these are AWESOME and are great with coffee, a.m. OR p.m.!

I some how convinced my client to try one of the muffins. We, my client and I, have to had to "agree to disagree" about my paleo style eating and he LOVED the muffin. He kept saying, "Karen, these aren't that bad really". I was shocked for 2 reasons (1) he was eating a paleo muffin (2) I had impressed someone with my cooking!!!! :)

Super easy to make and worth it! Enjoy!

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