Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Weekend

This past weekend was by far one of my favorite weekends! On Friday we...Duke, Rach, Shiner and myself...loaded up and headed to Beaumont for one of the BEST Easter Weekends!

Before we got to BMT we stopped in Brenham...yes we made a stop at the bluebell factory...for some pictures in the bluebonnets with the family and friends. Even though they were not as full as I had hoped, they still made for awesome pictures!
(Bubba, Lady Bird, Duke and Myself)
(Ranger, Duke, Shiner, Lady Bird)

After pictures we headed to the bright lights of Beaumont where we celebrated with some ritas! It was off to bed early because Mom, Rach and myself were headed to Crossfit Lumberton to take on Jesus WOD. What is "Jesus WOD" you might ask? This WOD, created by Jeremy Thiel, is a WOD that symbolizes Jesus when he carried his cross. The WOD goes as follow:

14 Rounds (symbolizing the 14 stations of the cross)
50ft Walking Lunges
10 Deadlifts
10 Squat Cleans
10 Push Press

After rounds 3,7, 9 - 7 TGU (symbolizes the 3 times Jesus fell carrying the cross) (1/1.5pd)
Goal: Never put the bar down.

This WOD was not as easy as I thought it was going to be...then again I know his cross was more than 65# and so I did NOT put the bar down. I called time at 50:15. It was rough, and made me VERY sore but the pain is nothing compared to what he did for my sins.

After Jesus WOD I was asked to demo a muscle up for the beginner class and since I had been practicing 2 in a row (never getting one) I figured why not go for it and BAM it happened!!! I did 2 MUs in a row!!!

HUGE thanks to one of my close friends Clayton Manzer for opening up his box for us to do this, as well as letting us carry on into the class just so we could finish all 14 rounds. It was also AMAZING to have the community doing the same WOD at the same time. I even had an oldie but goodie meet me up there to check out the sport of Crossfit as well as take on as much as the WOD as possible.

(Kyle, Me, Mom, Rach, and Clay)

After the WOD, we headed to eat. We showered and then Rach and I set out on a hunt for a patio for a rita! We ended up at a placed called "Starvin Marvins" in BMT. Mission accomplished then back to the casa to cook dinner and hang out with the dogs! During this time I had multiple friends stop by, Shells and Bryce stop by as well as another oldie but goodie, Casey (all high school friends)! I love that I still have close friends in Beaumont! It was a great Saturday, but we had to get to bed for the Easter Bunny was coming to the casa in the morning. We all got up and went to IHOP for breakfast (yes you can eat paleo at ihop) then to church at Wesley UMC! What a great service! I ran into old friends that I have grown up with in the youth. Another FANTASTIC community to be a part of! When we got home we opened our baskets that the Easter Bunny left us. Rach and I then loaded up and headed back to Austin. It was a GREAT weekend filled with friends and family! He has risen....he has risen indeed!

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