Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Meet Greg!


One of my Fire Breathing Spiceworks Crew!

Prior to the Relentless Athletic Training Classes I was running and taking indoor classes at CrossFit Central two times a week. Running always made my joints hurt, especially my knees and hips.

When I joined an Athletic Training class, I felt like I got a better aerobic workout than running without having the joint pain. The combination of heavier weights in the indoor classes and the aerobic high-rep style of training in Relentless classes really began showing dividends.

Since joining, I have lost 13 lbs, shaved 45 seconds off my mile time and my overhead press has improved by 30%!

I brought Relentless to Spiceworks because I was hooked on the style of workouts from CrossFit Central's indoor classes and wanted to add something with my co-workers that we could do as a group. I knew they would all like it a lot and boy was I RIGHT. We now have 15+ athletes after 6 months or so… and everyone LOVES it!

I really enjoy the workouts everyday. I never know what it will be like, but I do know I look forward to them now. I believe it really strikes a cord with me on having an extremely fun workout during the day that improves endurance as well as builds strength. It’s a great combination and we love Coach Karen Pierce!

Greg is the ringleader of the crew, for many reasons. He is a strong positive motivator for all athletes in the Athletic Training Class. He is a great example for all athletes on and off the blacktop. His 3 knee surgeries hasn't slowed him down (45 sec mile PR between the 2nd and 3rd knee surgery) OR prevented him from going up in kettle bell (he is now at 45#KB from when he started at 35#). Greg has never brought anything negative to the blacktop. He is a stellar athlete on and off the blacktop and a strong part of Spiceworks. I'm a VERY fortunate to be able to Coach him!

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