Monday, September 26, 2011

Go Big or Go Home!!!

What: Relentless Kettlebell Exchange Program

How: Clients can purchase new and used RBC kettlebells and sell back gently used RBC kettlebells. The RBC kettlebells are from Troy and are painted with the RBC logo.

Why: We are doing this as a way to promote the purchase of kettlebells by our clients, making it affordable for them to go up in weight when they out-grow their lighter bells.

Who: Coaches and CC Front Desk Crew. We will keep a small stock of new bells on hand (these are currently being shipped to us now), and will begin buying bells back from clients this week. We will only buy back the RBC bells previously sold to clients.

NEW STOCK:We have ordered the following NEW bells that we will store in the back room at CC: 2-15lb, 3- 20lbs, 5- 25lb, 2- 35lb. Once the new bells have arrived (next week), we will paint the RBC logo on them and then they are ready for sale (new bells will have white paint)You can inst go to CC to buy/sell bells.

BUYBACK: We can buy the following number of USED bells: 8-15lb, 7-20lb, 5-25lb, 8-35lb, and 5 of any heavier weights than that. Not to exceed 10 bells of any one weight at a time. RBC Kettlebell must be in good condition. No marks, tape, etc. - ready to be re sold immediately. When a client sells their RBC kettlebell back, we will give them credit (see amounts on attachment), or discount the sale of a new bell by that amount. Credit can be used toward purchase of a new/used bell, or RBC merchandise. NOT classes, merch, or anything from CC.

USED STOCK:We will store the stock of used bells in the back room as well, separate from the new bells. Old bells have red paint. Questions? Please don't hesitate to ask or call/email with questions as they come up.

Let's move some bells!!

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