Thursday, August 30, 2012

PRs for Lunch!

This past week we, Relentless Athletic Training, had our monthly benchmark. It was:
2mins American Swings
1min Rest
6min AMRAP 
10/10 Clean and Press
10 Sumo Deadlift High Pull 
10 Game Style/Hand Release Push Ups

This was my first time to coach this at the Lamar Middle School location, they rocked it (they have some steller athletes). I'm anxious to see what the future holds for them. I have record of Spiceworks and check out their PRs!!

Jen Cantu 
57 Swings --> 59

Reg Herde 
53 Swings --> 60
100AMRAP--> 119

Greg Kattawar (swings a 45#bell)
?? (didn't count)--> 66
92AMRAP --> 109
*Greg also PRed on his back squat AND Deadlift during his indoor class*

Katy Malone
55 Swings--> 64
116 AMRAP--> 120

Ted Nitka (swings a 45#bell)
59 Swings--> 65
98 AMRAP--> 121

Misha Rangel 
#PregoFit...working out outside in 100+ degree temps...enough said :)

Sally Sanders
1st time to do this benchmark so it was an automatic PR :) However Sally HAS gone up in bell size recently and is about to have to go up more! :)

Josh Will (swings a 45#bell)
53 Swings--> 63
85 AMRAP --> 97


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