Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shrinking Victims!!!

My victims are shrinking!!!! I LOVE to brag on my victims, so when results are this good, I cannot help but brag :) Nice work y'all!

P.S. This doesn't include all the increased results in benchmarks and kettlebells! Y"all make me a proud Coach!

"I had my annual physical for the Fire Department a few weeks ago.....and...The doc was very surprised at my much improved EKG for the heart and my pulmonary function test that we have to do for our respirators. Anyway, I was excited about the results and seeing the hard work pay off. So, Thanks!!! Definitely made a huge improvement for me!"
- David, Relentless Brentwood

Frank (In Home Client):
Lost 1% Body Fat
Lost 3lbs
Decreased Resting Heart Rate from 63-51bpm
Decreased Blood Pressure from 155 to 116!!

Susan (In Home Client):
Lost 2.7% Body Fat
Lost 1.4lbs
Lost 1.5inches

Tara (Relentless, Brentwood)
Lost 1.7% Body Fat
Lost 3.45 inches

Lizzette (Relentless, Brentwood)
Lost .6% Body Fat
Lost 5.3 inches

Alisa (Relentless, Brentwood)
Lost 4.75inches

Katy (Relentless, Spiceworks)
Lost 2lbs
Lost 1.9% Body FAt
Lost 6.5 inches

Jen (Relentless, Spiceworks)
Lost 5lbs
Lost 4.8% Body Fat
Lost 4.25 Inches

Albert (Relentless, Spiceworks)
Lost 13lbs
Lost 7.3% Body Fat
Lost 8.6 Inches

Reg (Relentless, Spiceworks)
Lost 1lb
Lost 2.8% Body Fat
Lost 18 Inches

Cindy (Relentless, Spiceworks)
Lost .2% Body Fat
Lost 2.25 Inches

Josh (Relentless, Spiceworks)
Lost .7% Body Fat
Lost 4.25 Inches

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