Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thanks Lisa Klein!

On Tuesday April 13th my 5:30am Crossfit class took on "Bear". Whats the Bear Complex? Well it is the following:

*Do 5 rounds increasing weight each time*

7 Reps without letting go of the bar: Squat Clean to Overhead,Backsquat to Overhead

If you are thinking "ouch" you are correct. With the encouragement from my classmates and coach I was able to attempt 95lbs. I struggled when bring it into overhead from the backsquat, but I had no fear from trying. Having this fear lead me to "tweeking" my neck a little. By the end of Tuesday I was unable to look in my blind spots. After I trained one of my clients, I went insearch of a therapist but they were all booked (becuase they are awesome). I went back to work for a little bit then on my way out I spotted Lisa Klein, a therapist at The Hills. Lisa just passed her cert and is able to offer this service. I have known many who have been taped and swear by it. I always thought there is no way a few pieces of tape placed a certain way can make you feel better. However on Tuesday I was open and willing to try anything to fix my pain. She placed me on her table and pressed on a few places and discovered it was my left upper trap that was injured. I picked a color of tape and she taped me and in 10mins I was out the door. No joke by Wednesday I started to gain more range of motion in my neck by Wednesday evening I was able to look in my blind spot no problem! I thought WOW, this is AWESOME!!! I left the tape on there till this past friday, only taking it off because I attended an event on Friday evening and I didn't want it to show (bright blue tape under a cocktail dress wasn't really that cute). Click here for more info about Kinesio Tape. Also don't hesitate to contact Lisa Klein at She is a Nationally Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKTP).

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