Monday, February 13, 2012

Hope, Try and Maybe...

Try, Hope and Maybe...fence line words..excuses. As if there is already a sense of failing before the action even starts... "I'm going to TRY to do ____ ", "MAYBE I'll come...", "I HOPE I can____". Its all in the attitude (see few newsletters back). Its all how you start it off. If you walk up to a barbell and said, "I'll TRY to life this this weight", honey, there is NO way you are going to lift it off the ground. If you said, "I WILL lift this weight", then I PROMISE you, that you have a much better chance. Would you rather hear, "I HOPE to make it to your party" or would you rather here, 'I WILL make it to your party". I think that one answers its self. No one likes excuses but sadly excuses are like butt holes, everyone has one. Let your confidence show not in just the way you dress but your words. Remove these words from your vocabulary and watch your attitude and confidence change when you have to replace them with better words. Watch the things that start to actually happen! Take on each task as if you ARE going to be the best at it. Do NOT let these "excuse words" rule your life. You are better than that!

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